Friday, July 31, 2009

"IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!"

Just something quick to show I'm still alive and kicking.

1. Had a good time at Nordic Fest last week end. Saw family and friends, although somewhat disappointed with parade.

2. Fairly crappy work week followed and I'm very glad that another weekend is here.

3. Isn't it odd how sometimes events or things to do on your calendar all fall at the same time and then you'll go for weeks without anything in particular happening? The next few weekends are all very busy. Going to a Jimmy Buffet concert next weekend in Chicago with some coworkers. Should be fun and I'm listening to alot of Buffet music to get prepared.

4. Can't believe July has ended! Summer is flying by waaaay to fast. Soon I'll have a senior and a sophomore and from there it's just a hop and a skip to the eldest going off to college and then........ it seems like life is moving a lightening speed and I just quite seem to keep up.

5. Looking forward to my class reunion this fall although the "get in shape" plan I had isn't really working out. Again with the "where did the summer go???" theme.

6. Why can't I figure out Facebook? It really can't be that hard, but I don't get the format. It's weird. I wish they would have asked me first and I could have given them valuable input.


michaelg said...

At the 25th class reunion, let's just plant ourselves shamelessly at the appetizer table (there had better be one)and be fat together.

So, the trick with Facebook and all computer things, is that there isn't a ding when you get to the end of a line of typing. It just wraps automatically. Magic.

brenda k said...

Time for another post Suzie! I have read this one 137 times. ;)